Economy Explained and Tips

Understanding the mechanics of the economy in Counter-Strike Global Offensive is very important when you are playing competitive and trying to improve your game.

To begin with, I will give you little tips for a beginning of every match.

Eco Or Fullbuy

If you are CT and lost the first round, always force buy in the second round – buy armor, pistol, nades. At this point in the game, the enemy team economy is also weak and most of them will probably stick with SMG’s.

If you lose this round, it’s really nothing lost. You will just play eco on third round (which you would have done anyway), but are still be able to buy in the 4th round – just don’t waste all your money on decoys on the 1st and 2nd round.

For T side it is a little more complex but pretty easy to understand. If you get a plant in the first round but lose the round anyway, you should go for full eco on 2nd round and then full buy on the 3rd round.

If you lose 1st round, most of the time, even on a professional level, teams will force buy. Why? If you win this round CT’s will be left with no money.

All possible income

There is a simple graph showing how much money will you get for everything.

Bez tytułu.png


Basic mechanics of the economy

You start out with $800 in your bank. Each weapon has its own reward for the kill, the weaker weapon, the better reward (most of the time). That’s why a lot of people buy SMG’s on 2nd round – they are cheap, good against Eco players and gives high kill rewards. For example, UMP costs only 1200$ and you will be rewarded with 600$ for a single kill. Two kills and this weapon cost you nothing, it’s simple math.

Now another thing is the objective reward, if you get on a losing streak, you will start earning more money each round (see picture above). This will reset after the first round you win. So if you lots of rounds, win only one and then lose again in the next round, you will most likely need to play eco again.

If you are Terrorist, when the bomb has not been planted, and you will die after the timer runs out, your income will be 0$. This makes it much riskier to save as a Terrorist than CT, because you could get killed after the timer runs out and then have no money to play in next round. Often it’s better to just go for it and die from enemies hand and maybe take some weapons with you to the grave.

Tracking Enemies Economy

It is important to keep track of team economy – both yours and your enemies.

You must know when to play eco and when to force buy. When you lose a round after a streak but still don’t have money for full buy go for a force if at least 3 of enemies died. They will have a weak economy, so if you win that round they need to play eco again.

If you know that enemies play eco it’s good to buy SMG (like UMP) instead of AK/M4 to gain some extra money.

When you see that one of your teammates need a weapon, drop it and tell the teammate with the highest amount of money to do that. You have better chance to win a round with 5 proper weapons and 4 weapons and pistol.

When To Hunt

Terrorist Counter-Terrorist AWP
$2700 (AK-47) $3100 (M4A1-S/M4A4) $4750 (AWP)
$1000 (Kevlar+Helmet) $1000 (Kevlar+Helmet) $1000 (Kevlar+Helmet)
$400 (2x Flashbang) $400 (2x Flashbang) $400 (2x Flashbang)
$300 (HE-Grenade) $300 (HE-Grenade) $300 (HE-Grenade)
$300 (Smoke-Grenade) $300 (Smoke-Grenade) $300 (Smoke-Grenade)
$400 Defuse kit (+$400 Defuse kit if CT)
Overall: $4700 Overall: $5500 Overall: $6750

The table above represents how much money you have to at least spend to get a full buy. Remember this when you start to hunt your last opponent (e.g. 4vs1 situations). If you and your teammates die unnecessary, you will lose a lot of money and there is a change that you won’t get full equipped next round or drop weapons for your teammates.

And that’s all. Remember to learn and practice to get better. As always if you have any questions leave the comment below.


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