Practice: Prefire – Part 2

My series continues, so in this part, you will learn about prefire maps made by YESBER.

For now, there are: Dust2, Cache, Inferno, Mirage, Cobblestone and Overpass.

Remaining two maps from Active Map Pool: Train and Nuke are being made.

Those maps are a great way to learn what spots you need to check and how to move your crosshair while doing it. You can also try some nades for certain positions.

When you master those maps you will become an awesome player, you will know how to move, how to check spots and where to expect enemies. It will help you especially if you are playing as entry fragger.




Yep, first one is a prefire version of the most played maps in the history of FPS games.

You can practice how to prefire on the entire map: Long, Short, Mid, A and B sites.

Before the start, you can choose weapons, how many bots spawn and how hard they are – weak won’t shoot you, normal and hard will.

Workshop Link:




The same story as for Dust2, so I’ll just post a link.

Workshop link:




Of course, it’s new version of the map 🙂

Workshop link:




Prefire version of second popular map in CS:GO is here.

Workshop link:




“Narrow streets of cobblestone…” – Simon And Garfunkel (Sound of Silence)

Workshop link:




And the last maps (for now), beloved Olofpass.

Workshop link:


That’s all that I prepared for this part. In next there will be some nade practice 🙂



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