Most Usefull Binds

There are some binds that can give you an advantage and generally make things easier.

To use bind just copy and paste them to your autoexec.cfg.

It’s located in this directory: “<Steam Install Location>\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg”

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Quick Tips for Beginners

In this article, I included most essential tips that you will learn a lot if you are new CS:GO player. But some of them also apply to more experienced players, so don’t leave the page, maybe you will learn something new. Some of them are common newbie mistakes and as I said, others are just useful in general. Of course, these will make you pro right away, you have to practice a lot, but it’s a good start.

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Introduction to CS:GO (part 2)

Teamplay – key to victory

You probably watched last huge e-sport event IEM Katowice, Counter Strike was a big part of it. Best teams in the world were competing for 250,000$. You may have been wondering about getting into a team. Better communication and teamwork, planned out strategies, developing a bunch of different skills together and taking other people advice and feedback on your playstyle. It’s all part of working within a team, but if you’ve even touched the surface of playing within a team, you will notice that every player has an individual role.

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